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Why Advertise With Us?

Making friends with affluent consumers and the better local businesses that serve them has defined Smart Shopper Magazine since our very first issue more than 22 years ago. Along the way, we became the go-to medium for high-end shopping incentives for 200,000+ reader households and
a multitude of leading advertisers who demanded results long before "ROI" became a buzzword.

Join us as we expand and offer integrated media solutions for the digital age. Web, direct marketing,
e-marketing, blogs, editorial content and an insistent social media presence — we think you’ll like how we infuse our brand promises into each of these vital new platforms.

Now more than ever, we’re poised to deliver added value to our Smart Shopper community of readers and advertisers – all included at no additional charge to our advertisers, both BFF’s as
well as new kindred spirits.

Why do this?
Well, that’s what friends are for.

Smart Shopper Magazine™
Affluent, active shoppers interested in making better retail purchases
•100% direct mailed to more than 200,000 of central Maryland’s most coveted homes, six times annually
•Bringing high-end local advertisers and affluent shoppers together for over two decades
•Accountable, effective, result-oriented advertising
•1.8 readers per issue. 86% read every issue. Female. 35+. Married. College graduate. Homeowner. $101,700 median household income*
• All full-page format marries brand building and response into each ad. Compelling advertising without clutter.
• Selectivity in advertisers and categories
• Agency quality ad design provided at no additional charge
New, groundbreaking editorial feature in every issue
• Showcases exclusive products and services from our specialty advertisers with themed editorial in each issue
• Takes time-proven direct mail incentives a step further by increasing reader interest, influencing shopping habits and directly driving sales
• Fresh and informative content
• Themes include: Fashion (Spring/Fall), Home (Summer / Early Fall), Beauty, Health & Fitness (Early Spring) and Better Gift-giving (Holiday)
The digital companion to Smart Shopper Magazine with an entirely new look, features, navigation and user interaction
• Designed from the ground up to dovetail with the flagship publication
• Clean, elegant, high-and and intuitive
• Features are carefully conceived to make the site exciting, attractive, timely, adherent ("sticky") for users, profitable for advertisers
• Reader blog which for the first time, enables readers to talk about shopping experiences and express commentary in real time
• Site is advertised in each issue of Smart Shopper Magazine as well as other targeted media
  Time-tested "image + response" format of Smart Shopper Magazine updated and redesigned for the web
  • Attractive, brand-building advertising with exclusive high-value offers
• Prime placement on our web home page reaches thousands of local viewers weekly
• Designed for maximum click-through and ease of printing offers
• Weekly email support increases exposure and drives traffic
• Website links and Google maps provided for each advertiser
• Ideally formatted for computer screens, tablets and smartphones
  Community bulletin board for time-sensitive messages not requiring a coupon
  • Sales, specials, promotions, events, grand openings, sidewalk & clearance, rate changes, announcements, community outreach, etc.
• Digital showcase of classified display-type advertising reaching the community of shoppers most likely to be interested in your message
• Simple stylized icons graphically parlay messages and negate clutter moval of your message
  Online Smart Shopper Magazine™
  Weekly promotional email campaign mailed exclusively to opt-in members
  • Reaches a hugely expanded marketplace
• All zones of the current print issue are included
• Presented in a state-of-the-art application
• Self-selecting opt-in audience
• Only opt-in members can print coupons
• Customers who have forgotten or misplaced their Smart Shopper Savings Certificate can be directed here, 24/7
  Emarketing Newsletter
  Weekly promotional email campaign mailed exclusively to opt-in members
• Trumpets current Spotlight and Marquee ads
• Lands in thousands of members’ inboxes with a 99% deliverability rate
• Clean, uncluttered layout and exclusive, high value offers enhances readership
• Weekly vs. daily delivery increases user desirability and promotes higher click-through
  Social Media: Facebook & Twitter
  Daily dialogue on Facebook and Twitter socially cross-promotes your message, event or sale in real time
• With this value-added service, you get instant feedback from our full-time, in-house social media specialists
• Your promotion can be shared, liked, tweeted and emailed
• Analytics from and insights to your delivered audience provided – just ask!

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