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Smart Shopper Magazine is a continuing pursuit of ‘better’. Better businesses that provide a quality of merchandise and service consumers might actually need or want, better ads with motivating incentives and better readers who appreciate finer things. Now in our eighteenth year, we hope you’ll view our Baltimore-based and locally owned magazine as being unique among the other direct mail media you likely receive in Northwest Baltimore and North Baltimore County, Howard County, and Anne Arundel County.

Don’t consider yourself to be a typical ‘coupon’ person? Great! Neither do most of the nearly 200,000 readers who have quietly helped Smart Shopper Magazine become a veritable trade secret among the leading merchants in the Baltimore-Columbia/Ellicott City-Annapolis areas.

You are invited to hold our magazine up to the highest standards. Our advertising is our editorial and it must be meaningful to you in order for us to succeed. Better advertisers, better advertising and better readers - that’s the unique trinity of this ‘Better Direct Mail’ adventure simply called Smart Shopper Magazine.

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